Travelling in Ravello, Italy(Going 2 Go 2 Ravello Travel Guide 2018)


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alexveachHad a great guide for my Amalfi coast experience @liliadarchuk Thanks! No surprise that music composers get inspired here. Must check out the Villa Rufolo. I feel the creativity flowing already; let it loose after I finish mastering some more tracks. For now heading out to Salerno.. ??
Aveva un’ottima guida per la mia esperienza in Costiera Amalfitana @liliadarchuk Grazie! Nessuna sorpresa che i compositori di musica siano ispirati qui. Deve vedere Villa Rufolo. Sento già la creatività che scorre; Lo lascerò perdere dopo aver finito di masterizzare alcune tracce. Per ora voce verso Salerno .. ??

Going 2 Go 2 Ravello Travel Guide 2018

Going 2 Go 2 Ravello Travel Guide 2018 by [Peterson, Lary]


NEW 2018 Edition. All Information and Links have been checked and updated.

Travel Guide to the Sights of Ravello, Italy with over 250 Color Photos, 120 Active Links, and Current Information, all in One Place (Italy Series)

Ravello is a beautiful town set high above the Amalfi Coast in the Commune of Salerno. Just south below Naples Bay and around the corner from Sorrento. Ravello is 18 miles from the Salerno Train Station along the Amalfitano Coastal Highway. It is 24 miles from Sorrento and 34 miles from Naples. The purpose of this book is to introduce you to Ravello, Italy, and to give you lots of current information so you can plan your trip on your Kindle, Tablet, Smart Phone, PC or Mac and use the links to create a file with bookmarks and website information.

This being an interactive planning guide, I have included over 120 active links for you to research 12 different sights in Ravello as well as their location with a Google Map Link for each sight. These links will give you the best current information available. I have also included over 250 color photos of these sights for you to get an idea of what they look like. All the information about Ravello in one place.

If you have internet access while in Ravello, you will have all this information at your fingertips. Even when you are at the sights to follow along on their websites. This will help guide you through the sights of Ravello. Also the Google Maps will be available to guide you to their locations.

How much you see will depend on how long you are visiting Ravello. Take a look at the Table of Contents and pick out the sights that you will be interested in seeing while in Ravello, and then research them as much as possible. I have listed all the active links to make this easier for you. The sights in the active Table of Contents are in order by location or type of sight. Under each sight that I have described in this book on Ravello you will find:

A link to Google Maps for exact location of the sights. (Google does maps great.)
A link to the Official Website
A link to the Wikipedia Webpage for the sights
A link to the Official Ticketing Webpage (when possible)
A link to any other Websites that will help (Official or Unofficial)
Hours they are open, and when they are CLOSED
A brief description of the sight
Some of my observations and suggestions
Explaining some of the ticket rules and advantages (Ravello Sense ticket)
Scans of Handouts from the sights if possible
Lots of Photos (about 250 color photos of beautiful Ravello)

By using this information, you can choose the sights that interest you and you can get further information for those sights from the links. Most of these links are to official websites and not to so-called middle-man websites (even though some are pretty good). The links to Wikipedia have lots of information on every sight in Ravello. Do your homework and write a list to take with you to the sight and you will enjoy your experience more.

Sights included in this book are;

Duomo of Ravello
Duomo Museum
Piazza del Duomo
Villa Rufolo
Villa Cimbrone
Principessa di Piedmonte
Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer
Monastero SS Trinita
Wedding in Ravello

Nearby Towns

Other Stuff
Ravello Concert Series
Other Churches
Also included:
Arrival, Safety, and Tourist Office information

This book is in the Going 2 Go 2, Italy Series for the Kindle.

I hope my book will help you to enjoy Ravello even more.

Download your copy today for your Kindle, PC, Mac, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

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